Welcome to Jarvis Dog Boarding and Training, the leading authority for luxury dog boarding and training experiences in Hampshire. We care about every single step in a dog’s life, their family, their experiences and the professionals who care for them.

Our movement is dedicated to improving the lives of both dog and human, always striving for perfect balance.


This is our story…

Hello, my name is Jarvis. I have been training dogs for most of my life.

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I first began to train dogs over 10 years ago, working as a volunteer walking and training aggressive and problematic dogs on a one to one basis. These dogs belonged to owners had lost all hope of a normal life with their pets and were avoiding “normal” activities to avoid other dogs and people.

My reward-based and philosophical methods for rehabilitating dogs to be calm, happy and dog-friendly gained momentum I was labelled a “dog whisperer” due to my ability to turn a dog’s behaviour around in a very short space of time. From there, the business grew into what is it today – Jarvis Dog Boarding & Training.

Now I provide luxury training and boarding experiences for companion dogs in my home with the help of my rescue West Highland Terrier; “Doggy” who is my right arm and an asset to the pack. Doggy came to me as a troubled rescue from our friends at Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary and made a complete recovery with time, patience and most importantly, training.


Dogs Trained


Miles Walked


Shelter Dogs Fed

dog training southamptonI now provide families with hyperactive pets simple and kind training methods to reveal the “true dog” that may have been hiding behind bad behaviour.

Our guests who board and train are our second family and we love them dearly.

We have great plans to expand the business in 2021 and are now recruiting professional dog sitters to join our team. If you are dreaming of working from home with dogs or are looking to expand your current dog care business, we’re here to give the best dog sitters in Hampshire an opportunity to shine.

Get in touch to become a certified Jarvis Dog Sitter. 

dog boarding southampton


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