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Jarvis Dog Boarding & Training is currently recruiting talented, licensed home dog boarders and sitters in the UK to join our team and take on 100s of fantastic sub-contracted dog boarding and day care bookings.

Our dog sitters benefit from a constant stream of customer bookings, high earning potential, dog-loving families and the support of an experienced business.

We know the difficulties dog businesses can experience – spending hours on social media to get noticed and wondering why other business manage to charge more than you. We think the dog sitting industry needs to be shaken up a bit to take pride in it’s care-givers. That’s why our sitters earn more than the average business amongst other benefits.


  • Constant stream of bookings
  • Earn up to £3000 per month
  • One to one training with Jarvis
  • Flexible working weeks
  • Keep your business and branding
  • Take away the stress of websites, social media, admin and invoicing
  • Continue to work from home
  • Don’t go it alone! Become a valued member of our friendly and supportive team
  • Emergency contact support
  • Online booking system
  • Independent working environment
  • An Elite Dog Sitter™ Certificate and lifetime access to course content
  • Spend your time on what really matters, doing what you love!
  • Be fully appreciated for the work you do
  • Course price: £500 £475

How does it work?

Our Elite Dog Sitter programme is a simple application to collaborate with our business. If you are successful in your interview, we will ask you to become a Jarvis Dog Sitter. This involves taking our course (£475) and then fulfilling the bookings from our amazing visiting dogs.

Successful candidates will be invited to become a professional sitter in our business. We work as an agency taking bookings and matching you with well-behaved family dogs who will be regular clients throughout the year. We take 20% of each booking for our work, giving you 80% of the fee to take home. Sitters have the opportunity to earn up to £3000 per month.

We developed the UK’s first Elite Dog Sitter™ course to give you the credibility you deserve and ensure your unique ability and experience stands out from the crowd. By joining our team you will gain a qualification as well as a steady stream of dogs to work with all year round. We handle the admin while you can take your time giving pampered Hampshire dogs the boarding experience of a lifetime. Watch the video.

Our current catchment area is: Hampshire


You must have a valid animal boarding licence, boarding insurance and at least 1 year of boarding experience in order to apply. Candidates will be required to take part in an online training course to gain their Elite Dog Sitter certificate.

Elite Dog Sitter Applications

The Elite Dog Sitter Course is a way for experienced, licensed home dog boarders and sitters in Hampshire to join our team taking on dog sitting contracts with our exceptional clients and their pets.

While working with us, you will train one-to-one with Jarvis on this fantastic, industry-specific course and become one of our elite certified dog sitters. We already have 100s of amazing, fun and friendly dogs on our waiting list. They are excited to meet you and enjoy their next luxury holiday experience with an Elite Dog Sitter.

Successful applicants will:

  1. Meet our application criteria
  2. Complete our online application form
  3. Successfully pass a face-to-face interview
  4. Complete our Elite Dog Sitter training programme
  5. You will then be ready to take on your first booking!

Our application process is open 3x per year.



Did you know Jarvis Dog Boarding is the driving force behind a new movement in the pet care industry? It’s called #PupTheRevolution and this is why it was created. We want to make dog and animal care businesses better for everyone, including the professionals who work so hard to maintain unrivalled animal welfare standards.

Our customers know the true value of a trusted, trained and conscientious dog sitter. Our rates reflect the standard of service we provide as well as the standard of our dog sitters. All of our customers want the very best for their dogs, and so do we.

Jarvis Dog Boarding is not just flying a flag for the welfare of animals, we also want to raise the standard of work for talented dog-care professionals. You see, we know that there aren’t many opportunities for people to work with animals these days, and maintaining a business can be really hard work. You deserve to shine in a working environment where you have a healthy stream of customers, professional training, a friendly professional network and someone looking out for your wellbeing while you handle the dog-side of things.

Join our movement #PupTheRevolution on Facebook and Instagram!

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