Best 2019 Dog Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Welcome back Dog Lovers! Our monthly blog is back, this time with a guest piece from our friends at London Puppy!

At LP we love dog-friendly advancements in all things tech, especially if it makes our lives easier. These are some of 2019’s most mind-blowing dog gadgets to make pup-parenting a breeze. You won’t believe some of these problem-solvers exist!

When it comes to pup-parenting our motto is “work smarter, not harder!”

We have compiled a list of our favourite gadgets of 2019 to help you and your dog live your best lives together and ditch some analogue baggage along the way. Here’s the low-down on our favourite technology and dog-friendly gadgets to help you parent your pup with less stress!

Sit back, relax and scroll down for our faves, you’re in for a treat…

Digital Dog Food Scoop

Digital scales have been around for a while and are super handy in the kitchen, especially if you’re a serial dieter (us too!) But do you ever think about weighing your dog’s food? There are all kinds of different cups, scoops and measuring devices on the market, but none are as advanced as this state of the art digital dog food scoop. Ditch the tupperware and check it out!

Accurate to 1 gram, this scoop will help you keep an eye on your best friend’s calorie intake. Perfect for rescue dogs that might need to lose or gain weight gradually (or if you have family members who are a little too generous at dinner time!)

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The Dog Mum Travel Bag

Do you ever take your dog on holiday with you? Do they visit Doggy Day Care? Do they have a lot of toys and treats?

If so, this bag was made for your trips together. Since harnessing the fantastic design of a real baby’s bag, this dog-parent travel bag allows you to organise your fur-baby’s belongings, blankets food, toys, meds and spare accessories on the go! With tons of useful inner and outer pockets, zips and compartments included, this bag is roomy, stylish and so much better than that old gym bag you keep hauling out of the messy cupboard…(yeah, we’ve all been there). This design comes in over 10 colours and is durable, comfortable to wear and looks smashing.

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LED Dog Harness

LED dog products are this Winter’s ultimate accessory. If you’re used to walking your dog at night this little accessory will transform you and you pet’s walking experience. This LED harness is designed to keep your dog visible to you, other pedestrians, cars and cyclists. A brilliant idea if you like to stroll around local parks at night off-lead. This harness is comfortable to wear and comes in a huge variety of colours and sizes. With three different light settings, your dog will definitely stand out.

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Dog GPS Tracker

If you have ever lost your dog, you’ll know how utterly terrifying it is trying to find them. The what-ifs creep into your mind. To be blunt, the worry is torture. What is it the boy scouts say?

“Always be prepared.” Cheers, boys.

Stay savvy with this fantastic little GPS Dog Tracker. It’s waterproof, Android and Apple compatible and has Bluetooth capabilities to help locate your pet quickly and effectively. Simply connect to your phone, attach to your pup’s harness and enjoy your countryside amble together.

It comes in 5 colours, batteries included and now, it’s just £69.99 £35.

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Some of our dogs are quite frankly, pigs! Is your dog a living, breathing vacuum, constantly inhaling their food? Do they choke halfway through each meal and give you a heart attack? Well I have good news for you! The worry is over – and the solution lies in the magic of a spiral… Introducing the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. These bowls are perfect for hungry Labradors, greedy Staffies, foodie Greyhounds and full-on Frenchies. The raised edges and spiral design of this bowl force the food into nooks and crannies. Your dog will get a little brain-training out of dinner-time by licking and snuffling their food out of this sneaky design.

Give it a go and see how it transforms your pet’s meal time!

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Best 2019 Dog Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed
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