How to choose the right size dog crate

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Hello dog lovers, welcome to our May dog training blog! This month we are talking crates and crate training. The big question is, how can you choose the right size dog crate for your dog’s age and breed?

Dog crate sizes vary

As we are in the middle of puppy prep ourselves, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to provide guidance on how to choose the right size dog crate.

Dog crates are fantastic training tools when used correctly. They provide a safe space and den for your dog to take a nap after fun activities, walks or training. They are also a safe-haven when you need to pop out and keep puppy safe from chewing hazards around the home.

Crates are not designed to house dogs all day, but to help encourage settling with a chew after exercise. After all, puppies need a lot of sleep as they develop.

Short, positive experiences = a happy dog who loves their crate. If you’d like a complete guide on crate training, my online VIP puppy training membership has everything you need to make crate training a dream. In fact, it has everything you need to raise a fantastic dog – if you love DIY have a peek.

How to choose the right size dog crate

When it comes to crates I always say, go large. Choose a size that will fit your puppy when they are full grown. This way you will save money, and your puppy will have room to play in the early days.

They should be able to:

  • Stand up fully
  • Stretch
  • Turn around comfortably
  • Lie down flat on their side

Ideally there should be:

  • Room for a bowl of water
  • Space for a bed
  • Room for a puppy pad or eco toilet

You can also purchase puppy pens that attach to your puppy’s crate to create a playground of fun!

Here is a handy video I recorded to help you choose the right size dog crate

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How to choose the right size dog crate

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