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Welcome to the VIP Online Puppy Training Membership

This course contains all of the guidance and troubleshooting you will need on your training journey. Jarvis Dog Boarding & Training has formulated this unique and comprehensive course to support new dog parents though all aspects of dog training from before your puppy even arrives home, until they are a fully-fledged adult.

Gain the truest understanding of your puppy’s psychology, with fast-track training techniques used at Jarvis Dog Boarding & Training as part of our residential training programme every single day!

This course will give you access to my most valuable knowledge and hacks in one place, to help you train your puppy with ease from the comfort of your own home.

The VIP membership supports you and your dog through the entire transition from puppy to adult dog without leaving room for the typical slip-ups that occur once traditional puppy classes are over.

Gain confidence, dispel training myths, develop a professional insight into your dog’s mind through my simple instructional tutorials and easy to follow dog training advice. Learn from my 10+ years of hands-on experience training and transforming even the highest-energy, naughty puppies to be incredible, reliable family dogs.

✅ Specialist knowledge and training hacks to master dog training before your pup arrives home

✅ Video tutorials and downloads with lots of different breed types

✅ Pictures and instructions to shape perfect commands

✅ Positive, kind reward-based methods

✅ Clicker training explained

✅ Crate training 101

✅ Learn how to truly motivate your best friend and turn training into a fun game

✅ Children and dogs health and safety

✅ Expert socialisation skills to help you analyse your puppy’s body language and other dogs you meet

✅ Kit suggestions to help you choose and build a professional dog training kit that is perfect for your dog’s breed and instincts

✅ PLUS our huge range of troubleshooting fact sheets to resolve behaviours like nipping, poor recall and preventing food aggression

  • Help and support for your best friend up until their second birthday!
  • Includes handy downloads, diaries and resources
  • Friendly Facebook community to talk puppy training progress
  • Global access. All you need is a WiFi connected smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • £99 per month. 3 month minimum contract, cancel or continue anytime thereafter.

❤️ This course is FREE for 12 months for all dogs taking part in the luxury residential dog training programme at Jarvis HQ

Join our free Facebook Community Dog Club UK and talk dog with like-minded dog-lovers.

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Resources to empower your relationship with your dog

Video tutorials to help you every step of the way

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Friendly Facebook community of like-minded dog lovers


VIP Online Puppy Training Membership


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