Luxury Home Dog Boarding

  • Full hire of beds, bowls, towels, toys, personal crates and accessories.
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Secure garden and exercise areas
  • Time to socialise & play with other friendly dogs
  • Daily walks and games
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable poo bags
  • Secluded and secure location
  • Lots of love and affection
  • Picture updates via email

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How to Book

  • Get it touch and let request your dates
  • We'll send you our starter pack to register your pet's details
  • You'll be invited to a free meet and greet
  • Later, your dog will attend a trial day or half day to get to know us and settle in
  • Your pet is now ready for their big holiday or residential training

We recommend new customers book their dog's first holiday in well in advance to allow time for this process.


Doggy Day Care

All regular Doggy Day Care spaces are currently fully booked for 2020. Please get in touch for ad hoc bookings

Dogs We Accept

It is imperative that both your dog and our guests are boarded with well-trained dogs in order to really enjoy their experience.

We take on dogs over the age of 6 months old. Only well behaved, dog-friendly and physically manageable dogs will be accepted into our care. Guests are assessed in at one free "meet and greet" and trial day before a booking is confirmed to ensure the well-being of all animals.

There is a zero-tolerance policy on uncontrollable or excessive noise. Any form of aggression will result in the termination of all boarding contracts.

While every care is taken to provide the highest standards of care, home boarding does not suit all dogs. Trial days are recommended.

Scroll down to read our terms in full.

We are fully DEFRA compliant, certified by Southampton City Council, insured, with an experienced first-aid trained behaviourist on site. 



Checking in/out

Boarding is charged by the night. Check in time is between 9am-10am but can be flexible. Check outs after 10am on your dog's final day of their holiday will include a day care fee.

Jarvis Dog Boarding Terms & Conditions

Booking & Payment

When submitting your boarding application forms, you will be asked to transfer £20 per dog to secure your reservation. Bookings made 4 months or more in advance require a mandatory 50% deposit to secure your booking. This is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.

  • This will be deducted from your total fee. This charge is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation at any time after a successful meet and greet.
  • Jarvis Dog Boarding is not able to keep bookings open for more than 7 days without completed forms and a securing payment.
  • After this point you will be invited to attend a 45 minute meet and greet.
  • Should your meet and greet be unsuccessful, or should you decide not to board your dog with Jarvis Dog Boarding (within 24 hours after the meet and greet), you will be refunded your £20 securing fee.
  • Subsequent booking deposits are non-refundable in the event they are cancelled after 48 hours of being arranged.
  • Your outstanding fee for your dog’s boarding must be paid a minimum of 4 weeks before your dog’s stay.
  • You agree that your dog will be photographed for our website and social media accounts. Should you have any concerns about this, please mention it at your meet and greet.

Covid-19 Social Distancing & Hygiene Measures

Covid-19 is still a very serious virus, and we are committed to ensuring the highest standard of health and safety as lockdown eases. Due to this, we have implemented new social distancing measures during arrivals and collections. 

We will only be taking on new dogs for training purposes until further notice.

By booking your dog’s stay, you consent to the following additional hygiene and safety requirements:

  • Please ensure your dog has been fully exercised the day prior to their visit.
  • All bedding, leads and collars must be washed before boarding overnight
  • Customers are encouraged to make use of the outdoor sanitization and social distancing measures.
  • JDB&T will lightly clean and groome each dog with Leucillin (dog-safe anti-bacterial spray) at the start and end of each arrival/departure.
  • A sanitized box will be provided for your dog’s food and belongings.
  • All gates will be sanitized between customer visits.
  • Please wear a face mask and gloves during your time with us.
  • Jarvis Dog Boarding and Training will use their own leads to handle and walk dogs on/off site.
  • Walking routes may be subject to change to avoid contact with the public.
  • Your dog will come into contact with dogs from other households during their visit.
  • Meet and greets will take place outside only until further notice. Please watch our social distancing video for a virtual tour of our home. Please do your best to arrive on time.
  • Do not attend your booking if you experience any symptoms of  sickness such as a high fever, dry cough, loss of taste and smell or general flu-like symptoms.

Please be aware that the cancellation policy will be reinstated for bookings made from 15th June 2020

Cancellation Policy

Jarvis Dog Boarding has a limited number of spaces available. Due to this, we must charge for cancellations:

Cancellations within 30 days of your booking start date will incur a 25% fee of your dog’s total stay.

Cancellations within 14 days of your booking start date will incur a 50% fee of your dog’s total stay.

Cancellations within 7 days of your booking will incur a 100% fee of your dog’s total stay.

Day care cancellations within 48 hours of the booking will be charged.

Failure to pay your invoice inside the dates specified may result in third party debt collection.

Arrivals & Collections

  • Customers must deliver/collect their dog at the time agreed in their invoice. Failure to arrive within your agreed 30-minute time slot may result in a £10 charge to cover your dog’s additional care. Extenuating circumstances will be considered in this instance (death, bereavement, ill-health, serious accident or similar).
  • You will present the dog for boarding in a clean state.
  • You will present up to date certificates for vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments at your meet and greet including kennel cough these must be administered a minimum of 2 weeks before your dog’s stay.
  • You will supply the necessary dog food and treats for the duration of the stay. If additional food is required you agree upon presentation of a receipt to refund Jarvis Dog Boarding. In-house feeding is £5 per day and must be arranged well in advance of your dog’s stay.
  • Your dog must have a legible ID tag attached to their collar or harness with your contact details engraved by law.
  • Your dog must be microchipped by law.

Boarding/Day Care Consent Forms

  1. We are unable to accept bookings for a dog subject to the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, exempted dogs, or any other dogs with known or on-going aggression towards other dogs and/or people.
  2. Bitches in season cannot attend meet and greets or boarding/day care.
  3. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on site due to health and safety.
  4. By booking an appointment for your pet to stay with Jarvis Dog Boarding, you consent to your dog sharing their boarding or day care facility with other dogs from different homes. These dogs will be matched to the best of our ability and include dogs of different breeds, sizes and ages for day care, boarding and sometimes training.
  5. You consent to the possibility that your dog may share their designated room with the resident dog, dogs from another household or other dogs in your ownership.
  6. Your dog’s carer is entitled to regular breaks for meals times and household duties.
  7. You consent to your dog sleeping in a suitably sized crate at night due to health and safety as well as emergency evacuation procedures.
  8. You consent to a possible small overlap of more than three dogs per night during your dog’s stay for a maximum of seven nights.
  9. You consent to the possibility that your dog may be fed or rewarded in the same room as another dog with strict supervision from your boarder.
  10. You consent that your dog may be rewarded with toys or treats in outside areas in the presence of other dogs.
  11. You consent to your dog being walked on a lead in public with up to 3 other dogs per carer.
  12. You consent to your dog running free in our secure outside areas with other dogs.
  13. Jarvis Dog Boarding cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury that may be incurred during your dog’s stay.
  14. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact you the owner, and your emergency contact in the event of an emergency. However, Jarvis Dog Boarding reserves the right to make decisions regarding your dog’s health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the dog and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. If your dog becomes unwell, has an accident, injures himself/herself or seems to be in any type of pain or distress, we may need to take him/her to a veterinary surgeon. You agree to be responsible for payment of all the veterinarian fees incurred.
  15. In the unlikely event of euthanasia being deemed necessary by a qualified veterinary surgeon, you will be called immediately to provide consent and to make arrangements thereafter.
  16. You agree to disclose any quality or characteristic which might make your dog unsuitable for home boarding, including, but not limited to; behavioural or health problems, anti-social behaviour including aggression, incontinence or excessive noise or destructive behaviours.
  17. Failure on your part to disclose any matter which might render the dog unsuitable for boarding will amount to a fundamental breach of this agreement.
  18. If your dog presents undisclosed behavioural or health issues that breach this contract, your emergency contact will be contacted to collect your dog immediately. In this instance, the fee for your dog’s stay is non-refundable.
  19. Should your dog destroy any furniture or belongings of the carer beyond reasonable wear and tear, you agree to replace items at cost. Dog beds are £25 each (if you feel your dog may destroy a rental bed, please bring your own).
  20. You agree to be responsible for veterinary fees should your dog attack or injure the resident dog.
  21. You agree that if you instruct Jarvis Home Boarding to exercise your dog off-lead you accept full liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of your dog being off the lead.
  22. In the event that your dog attacks a person or a dog or in the event that he/she is involved in a fight with another dog/person causing any damage, injury or death you agree to be responsible for any losses incurred including payment of veterinary fees or any medical treatment required.
  23. In the event that you fail to collect your dog from Jarvis Dog Boarding on the agreed checkout date, your emergency contact will be notified to collect your dog. Should your emergency contact fail to collect your dog, we will hold the dog for 24 hours for which you will be liable for costs incurred. Dogs may be boarded for longer than previously agreed depending on calendar availability and you, the owner, paying the additional fees within the 24 hour holding period. Without these conditions in place your dog may be handed over to the local authority.
  24. If your dog’s behaviour should change or become unsuitable for boarding before a booking, you must notify Jarvis Dog Boarding and cancel the booking. Cancellation fees may apply.
  25. Should Jarvis Dog Boarding cancel your booking at short notice due to extenuating circumstances (such as death, serious accident, ill-health, bereavement or similar), you will be refunded within 30 days.
  26. Dogs are unpredictable animals by nature and can behave differently when in a new or different home environment. While every precaution is taken, we cannot guarantee good behaviour during your dog’s stay.
  27. In the event of life-threatening sickness or injury your dog will be taken to the nearest available vet Beech House Surgery (or during out of hours) Vets4Pets Bitterne. In non-emergencies all efforts will be made to attend your dog’s registered surgery provided they are in reasonable travelling distance.
  28. Global Privacy Policy - For services to be carried out by Jarvis Dog Boarding, we must have your consent to use and retain the sensitive data you have provided in relation to your dog’s registered home/adoption address, contact details, emergency contact, Veterinary contacts, health details (or similar) in order to ensure your dog’s well-being and safety during any chosen service. If you would like your personal data to be removed from our systems after a service has been carried out, please email


Final Terms

I hereby certify that all the information I have provided is correct and abide by the Jarvis Dog Boarding terms and conditions.


  • My dog is non-aggressive, but should it show aggressive, or destructive tendencies towards the dog carer, other dog guests or family, or should their behaviour become uncontrollable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, I agree that he/she will be collected by my emergency contact for the remainder for their stay.
  • I agree for the carer to make any decisions regarding my dog’s health providing it is acting in the best interest of my dog and is on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon.
  • Vet bills that my dog may incur will be met by myself on my return.
  • I agree to arrive on time to deliver and collect my dog, unless affected by extenuating circumstances.
  • I understand that I may be liable for a fee should I cancel my booking at any time after a successful meet and greet.
  • I understand that these terms and conditions apply to all future boarding or day care bookings that may be undertaken by me or the co-owner of my dog.


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