Everything you need to know about Dog Boarding.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday – office closed

When should I book?

We really care about our guests and try to accommodate everyone so please book ahead to avoid disappointment.

If you are a first time customer, we recommend that you register your dog’s details and attend a meet and greet well in advance of your holiday. Unfortunately we cannot accept new dogs at very short notice as we have several checks that must be passed before your dog can board with us.

If your dog has successfully boarded before you can take full advantage of our last minute bookings and cancellations

When can I visit your accommodation?

All new guests are offered a free 45 minute meet and greet by appointment only. Before this can happen we ask that you first register your pet’s details.

What are your social distancing measures?

Covid-19 is still a very serious virus, and we are committed to ensuring the highest standard of health and safety as lockdown eases. Due to this, we have implemented new social distancing measures during arrivals and collections. 

We will only be taking on new dogs for training purposes until further notice.

By booking your dog’s stay, you consent to the following additional hygiene and safety requirements:

  • Please ensure your dog has been fully exercised the day prior to their visit.
  • All bedding, leads and collars must be washed before boarding overnight
  • Customers are encouraged to make use of the outdoor sanitization and social distancing measures.
  • JDB&T will lightly clean and groome each dog with Leucillin (dog-safe anti-bacterial spray) at the start and end of each arrival/departure.
  • A sanitized box will be provided for your dog’s food and belongings.
  • All gates will be sanitized between customer visits.
  • Please wear a face mask and gloves during your time with us.
  • Jarvis Dog Boarding and Training will use their own leads to handle and walk dogs on/off site.
  • Walking routes may be subject to change to avoid contact with the public.
  • Your dog will come into contact with dogs from other households during their visit.
  • Meet and greets will take place outside only until further notice. Please watch our social distancing video for a virtual tour of our home. Please do your best to arrive on time.
  • Do not attend your booking if you experience any symptoms of  sickness such as a high fever, dry cough, loss of taste and smell or general flu-like symptoms.

Please be aware that the cancellation policy will be reinstated for bookings made from 15th June 2020

My dog doesn’t like other dogs. Can you board them?

No, sadly due to the nature of our free-roaming, pack-centred environment, aggressive or reactive dogs cannot be boarded due to health and safety. Read our terms and conditions.

My dog has never stayed away from home before and I’m nervous!

It’s only natural! All owners feel nervous leaving their best-friend for the very first time. Dogs are our family and leaving them with a new person can be daunting. At Jarvis Dog Boarding we have a huge amount of experience helping new dogs settle in and learn to love their holiday home.

Do you board puppies?

Yes. We accept puppies over the age of 6 months provided they have been house trained. Owners are asked to provide a bed and plenty of chew toys in this instance. Ideally your puppy will be scheduled to be spayed or neutered in the coming months. Younger puppies are accepted as part of our residential training programme. 

Will you walk my dog off-lead?

Only with your written consent. When you register your dog you will be asked if you give legal consent for off-lead walks. Your dog will need good recall in public areas for this to occur. If you’d prefer your dog is kept on a lead during walks, we are more than happy to oblige. Our dogs have plenty of room to run and play on site.

What does a typical day look like at Jarvis HQ?

Our days revolve around our guests. Both mornings and afternoons are usually filled with a mixture of walks, interactive games and fetch. We have an enormous amount of toys and tennis balls as well as the luxury of a summer house and dog playroom. Our garden and yard are both ample for free running so dogs of all sizes can stretch their legs. By the end of the day everyone is usually very tired. We like to cuddle up on the sofa of an evening too!

Where do you walk?

We walk all over the green areas of Southampton. Jarvis Dog Boarding is fortunate enough to be situated near lots of parks and dog-friendly walking areas. We also specialise in urban pack walks to help dogs in our residential training programme learn to be calm around city noise and distractions.

What if my dog becomes unwell during their stay?

We take the health and safety of all animals very seriously. Apart from being canine first aid trained, your boarder is also trained in spotting signs of distress, sickness, injury and discomfort in dogs. We use a sensational online booking system which will have pre-recorded all of your dog’s personal details including their usual vet. Should your dog become unwell during their stay, we are more than happy to take them to the vet. In the event of a non-emergency we’ll ask your permission first. We are just a 4 minute drive from VetsNow emergency out of hours veterinary surgery at 64 West End Road, Southampton.

My dog has never slept in a crate before. Can you train them to be happy in a crate? 

Yes. As part of our terms we do require that dogs sleep in a crate at night. Don’t worry, old dogs can learn new tricks. We have great success training new dogs to enjoy being in their personalised crate on trial days (we have even trained dogs as old as 13 who have never used one before!)

Night-time crates are used to enable the very highest level of health and safety to protect all animals while they are unsupervised. Dogs are unpredictable animals by nature, and may be more so in a new environment. While highly unlikely, should there be an emergency situation where the animals must be evacuated from the building, a crate keeps animals safe and contained. It will allow your boarder to do their job quickly in the event of an emergency, limiting any possible distress or danger to animals or people.

What should I bring?

It’s always nice to bring your dog’s bed or a blanket. They bring the comforting scents of home! This helps your pet adjust to their holiday home quickly. Other than that, a sturdy lead, favourite toy and food are all you need. Lots of our owners like to include chews and treats so their pet can really enjoy their holiday. Of course we also supply grain-free treats for good behaviour throughout the day! Download our free checklist here!

Do you take high-energy breeds?

Does your dog have an excellent temperament but needs more exercise than the average dog? Do you have a working breed or gun dog? If you are unsure if your dog will fit in, get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your dog’s breed requirements and routine.

Can you train my dog?

Yes! We love to take on dogs for residential training. We train dogs and puppies in our home for 2 – 6 weeks at a time. With Jarvis Dog Boarding dogs learn lots of commands, recall, socialisation and heel work to give you a well-behaved and calm pet without the pitfalls of kennel-based training. Come and see what we get up to. 

What about senior or disabled dogs?

We are happy to take older dogs and our quiet spaces indoors are the perfect place for your dog to take a break. In fact, our resident dog is a senior citizen! We welcome disabled dogs with all kinds of hearing impairments, blindness or physical limitations. We are happy to administer medication but unfortunately we cannot cater to dogs who may require daily injections for conditions such as diabetes.

Will you board complete males?

We are not currently taking on any more complete males at this time, due to high numbers of young female guests.

Will my dog ever be left?

Occasionally your dog will be left for a very short time in their own personalised crate. Dogs board in our home 24/7 so inevitably there will be times when someone requires a trip to the vets, or we need to nip to the shops. Every effort is made to ensure that dogs are left for a short time and have received adequate exercise and mental stimulation before they hit the hay. This does mean that unfortunately we cannot accept dogs with separation anxiety or nervous-destructive behaviours.

I have found a lost dog, will you take them in?

No. We are not a kennel environment, please take any lost or stray animals to your local vet to be scanned or call your local animal welfare officer.

Are there kennels?

No. Home dog boarding means all dogs sleep indoors and have a very close relationship with their boarder. We interact with our guests throughout the day, as you would at home.

When are you closed?

We aim to stay open as much as possible from 1st February – 20th December, however we have scheduled breaks every now and again. Jarvis Dog Boarding is usually closed throughout January to do a little refurbishment and to have a holiday of our own. Someone will be available intermittently via email to take bookings for the year ahead, but we will not have dogs on site during that period.

Do you have a dog sitting license?

Yes, we have been certified by Southampton City Council and awards 5 stars for our home boarding facility. This means we are fully DEFRA compliant and have been personally inspected by a qualified Animal Welfare Officer. We’re also fully insured and canine first aid trained. There is even CCTV in operation to make sure every person and dog coming and going has been accounted for. Please ask to see our boarding certificate when you visit.

Can I volunteer with you as a dog handler/trainer?

Sadly due to the nature of our facility we cannot take on volunteers at this time. We recommend you follow our social media pages for future work and volunteering opportunities.

Are you recruiting?

We are not currently taking on staff at this time. If you would like to register your interest, please email us a CV and cover letter to jarviswhisperer@gmail.com

Ask us something else, we’d love to hear from you. 

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