is day care right for your dog?Is Dog Day Care & Boarding Right for Your Dog?

If you’re thinking about taking a big step into the world of home dog boarding and doggy day care, it’s important to do your research and find somewhere both you and your dog love. But before you make a selection, it can be a worry wondering if and how your dog will cope in a strange place with lots of other dogs and and on top of that – a new handler.

What’s your dog’s personality type?

We see all kinds of breeds, backgrounds, personalities, sizes, shapes and abilities at Jarvis Dog Boarding. As owners, we all want to keep our pets happy and occupied, especially if we’re busy or working long hours. Extra care during the day is good for their health physically and psychologically (which usually results in good behaviour and improved manners at home!)

For those of us with busy lives it can be a wonderful tool to have a dog sitter, walker or day care just around the corner.

But which dogs cope best in this kind of environment? After all, dogs are individuals with amazingly diverse personalities. Is home boarding the right choice for your dog?

To help you decide, here are our 5 of the most common personality types that we see flourish in our luxury dog hotel experience.

5. The Tennis Ball Addict

There is nothing better in this life than a never ending game of fetch. At least, that is what a tennis ball addict would say! Dogs who love retrieving games do very well in at Jarvis Dog Boarding, especially in day care. With hundreds of balls to choose from, any Wimbledon-obsessive is very well catered to in terms of exercise, mental stimulation and sharing. Common breeds include lolloping Labradors, toy-driven Collies and Cockapoos on a mission!

4. The Social Butterfly

If your dog loves playing with other dogs then home boarding is the place to be. Social Butterflies absolutely thrive in a carefully managed pack environment and can exercise their emotional needs to full capacity. Human and dog contact in a modern pack is an important part of your dog’s health and well-being. Allowing them to run free, chase and snooze together will always hit the spot for any sociable dog-about-town. At JDB we have beds for all guests if they’d like their own space, but more often than not, the social butterfly will bundle in for a cuddle with anyone who will have them!

3. The Introvert

There are plenty of introverts in the world and they make the world a better place. Quiet dogs enjoy our calm and respectful pack mentality and also boost it with their cool, hang-back approach to life. Many of our guests are more “only dogs” at home and a little more cautious than other personality types. Nevertheless, they love to be under the care of a compassionate and balanced pack leader who can ensure they get all the space, attention and quiet time they need, before joining in with some fun.

2. The Busy Bee

If your dog is a hyperactive poppet you’ll know full well how delightful it is to see them “all tuckered out” at the end of a long day. Our services at JDB cater to all energy levels and abilities. The Busy Bee will always take advantage of our toys, games and activities on offer. Free-running time allows even the busiest of bees to cram in as many sniffs and zoomies in as possible in a single day. This, combined with any Social Butterfly’s need for fun and frollicking usually results in a dog that will be absolutely cream-crackered! Many of our Busy Bee’s attend residential training to calm them down by a couple of notches before working on focusing their minds. They keep their cheeky, funny nature while gaining lots of new commands and manners.

1. The Senior Citizen

Senior dogs often require specialist care medically and emotionally. At JDB we have a very special Matre ‘D who is a senior dog himself. Our 12 year old Westie AKA ‘Doggy’ loves to spend his days with all of our guests and displays incredible abilities with all breeds and ages. He is particularly gifted with helping other senior animals settle in a new space. If you have a senior dog that you’re worried about leaving behind, never fear. Our little Doggy is here to help them feel calm and centred throughout the day. We have lots of older animals stay with us, who enjoy the energy of our pack, allowing them to return home feeling completely rested.

Is your dog ready to join our pack of friendly pups?

Message us today and we’ll send you our starter pack!

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Is Dog Day Care & Boarding Right for Your Dog?
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