Keep your Dog Cool & Comfortable this Summer

British summers can be so unpredictable. One minute moody rain-clouds roll overhead and the next we’re hit with a 6 week heatwave that could compete with the Sahara.

Cor blimey.

Sudden change in temperatures can be a shock to our pets too, especially for flat-faced breeds, non-shedders or senior dogs. Keeping our four-legged friends cool is our number one priority, but how can we cut out the hassle of keeping them happy? Here’s 11 best ways to keep your dog cool this summer – enjoy!

1. Paddling Pools Aren’t Just for Kids ?

Keeping water-loving dogs cool in summer is relatively easy, but many of us would prefer our pets cool down in clean water at home, rather than the stinking, rancid pond at the local park *eye roll*. Never fear! This purpose-built dog paddling pool is the perfect place for your pup to chill. Scratch-resistant and fun for the kids too – your dog will be able to play, exercise and stay mentally stimulated without overheating. It’s easy to dismantle and store whenever the weather decides to change. This is the UK after all…

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2. Elevated Dog Beds

This fantastic dog bed design boasts loads of features to keep your dog happy. Elevated beds allow for cool air to pass beneath your pet to give them a full-body experience cooling down. The Snoozey is also made from flea-resistant fabrics and allows for older dogs with joint issues to be comfortable when lying down.

  • easy to clean
  • versatile use
  • great for older dogs

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3. Air Con (honestly darling, it’s for the dog…)

We have all experienced a heatwave in our lives and with the summers getting ever hotter, many Brits are now investing in air conditioning for their homes. Dyson have pulled out all of the stops this year with the Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater. This air conditioner also doubles up as a heater keeping you and your pet warm in winter. Dyson now stock the Dyson Link Air Purifier to rid your home of pollen particles for hayfever sufferers. Neat right?

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4. Cooling Mats for Hot Paws

Cooling mats are increasingly popular with breeds of all sizes. When your kitchen floor is no longer cold enough for your best friend, and the air is humid and thick, why not give one of these a go! Each mat is filled with non-toxic cooling-gel to allow your pet to stay cool and comfortable for the duration of the day. These beds are self-cooling so no need to keep rushing to the tap or freezer; just un-box and go.

  • easy to use
  • scratch-proof
  • all sizes

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5. Water Water Everywhere

When the weather heats up, our pets will be inclined to drink more. Investing in more water bowls for the house and garden will help your pet stay hydrated throughout the day. Larger bowls are preferably as they do not evaporate as quickly.

  • dishwasher friendly
  • XL

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6. Annihilate Pests

Summer sun, nothing can beat it. Sadly for our pets however, with hot weather comes parasites (yuck). Summer is the peak season for fleas, ticks and other nasties so make sure your pet is protected. Always speak to your vet first.

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7. Get Your Coat, We’re Going for a Walk…

A coat?! In summer?? When itcomess to dog coats, not all were made equal. This cooling dog jacket from Prestige is just the ticket for dogs with thick fur on hot days. Unlike a winter coat, this amazing coat’s fabric is activated by water and will keep your dog feeling cool, without making them wet. Perfect for pups who don’t like soggy paws. These jackets are ideal for your evening walks together and will afford your bestie some breathing-space when you’re out and about.

  • perfect for dogs who don’t like water
  • machine washable
  • available in all sizes
  • also available as a bandana 

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8. Stay on top of Grooming

Our best friends for the most part are clad in thick coats all year round. If your dog is a moutler, stay on top of grooming with this handy slicker brush. It removes undercoat quickly and effortlessly in a few quick stokes (I’d never be without mine). If your four-legged friend has a non-shedding coat or requires stripping make sure you keep regular appointments with your groomer. Your dog will thank you for it when the temperature hits anything upwards of 20 degrees.

You might also like the Furminator…

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9. Dog-Friendly Ice Treats

We all like a delicious, cold treat on a summer’s day. Freshly made ice-cubes with dried sprats, frozen peas or small chunks of liver are a fabulous dog-friendly snack. Reduce the heat and keep your dog cool and hydrated at the same time with this dog life hack. Check out these adorable Dachshund shaped ice-trays. They are too good not to share.

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10. Invest in some Shade

There’s nothing quite like sitting in the garden lapping up the sunshine. When it comes to our pets, it’s a great idea to supply some much-needed shade during the hottest times of the day. A stand-alone brolly can completely transform a garden party or weekend barbeque whilst reducing the risk of sunburn, heat-stroke and general overheating for everyone.

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11. Fun in the Sun

Whether you’re secretly proud of your lush green lawn or have opted for astro-turf, a water sprinkler can bring your pets and children an huge amount of enjoyment in the heat of summer. Keep your dog cool, your borders evergreen or splash down your artificial grass in one fell swoop.

  • 360 degrees
  • distance control
  • 60 day money-back guarantee

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What’s your favourite way to keep you pet cool? Let us know in the comments!

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11 Best Ways to Keep your Dog Cool & Comfortable this Summer
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