1:1 Dog Training in Southampton

Intensive Behaviour Analysis

Jarvis Dog Whisperer 1:1 training sessions are designed for 100% dedicated dog owners who are fully committed to resolving their dog’s behavioural issues.

The 1:1 service will diagnose exactly what is causing your dog’s behavioural issues and provide you with the unparalleled training techniques and resources to resolve the problem for good.

Our dog training area is a judgement-free and friendly space to learn together. The focus is not just on the dog, but educating owners to become knowledgeable, confident handlers. Our goal is for you to fully enjoy your dog through new-found obedience and behaviour modification techniques.

Sessions are hosted in Southampton with Jarvis.

Each dog training session is 50% behaviour analysis indoors and 50% practical work outside.

Commitment to Training

You will be provided with a personalised training plan specific to your dog. All owners are expected to continue this training at home by following the recommended changes to routine and handling. This will be discussed in session and be available 24/7 via the online aftercare provided.

We aim to resolve dog behavioural issues within 2-3 sessions of contact time, based on severity.

Rebecca Hodgson
Rebecca Hodgson
We had a couple of occasions where our little cavapoo Nala couldn't join us. So glad that after a lot of searching we found Jarvis. The extensive questionnaire tells you that their professional. Nala had a taster day with Kayleigh. She absolutely loved it. Next she spent a couple of nights and again came home happy. Then came the 2 week stay. With all the photos and updates we received we didnt think she would want to come home. She had an amazing holiday with Kayleigh and friends. Will definitely use again and highly recommend.
Gee 74
Gee 74
We are just home from our first ever 1:1 dog training with our 5 year old PomChi Millie. To say I had lost my confidence in being with Millie out in public was an understatement. Constant barking and lunging at other dogs and people. I found Jarvis through FB having being turned down from other trainers, being told Mille was too old to train! (Which also made me disheartened) From the minute I contacted Jarvis to the last second we were with her today has been amazing, for the support and training for not only Millie but for myself! Jarvis has given me great training and also confidence to use the tools provided to carry on and also given me more of an understanding of Millie. This have been an invaluable experience and with the ongoing support from Jarvis….we are looking forward to a happier dog/happier family. An emotional experience for me but happy tears 🥰Thank you so much xxx
Kay Coombs
Kay Coombs
I wish I had contacted Jarvis sooner, she has so much knowledge about behaviour in specific breeds and her approach is helpful, non judgmental and easy to follow. I had become despairing of my Dachshund's bad manners and anxiety, going out had become really stressful but I now see that change is possible with the right tools and training. I now have a dog I can take on lovely walks, he no longer barks at strangers or visitors to the front door and we have a plan to better manage his anxiety in the car. I highly recommend Jarvis!
Suzi Chapman
Suzi Chapman
Thanks so much for a wonderful session. Our pup has already started calming down now, and we are all set with tools and tricks to stop him jumping and digging so much. It was so interesting to talk through what his behaviour says about his mindset and how we can help him. Thanks so much!
Kira McAulay
Kira McAulay
Outstanding care for my little old man, recommend heartily,
April Hodge
April Hodge
We approached Jarvis as we have an overly energetic Labrador who struggled to walk on lead, we had reached a point where it was just unenjoyable to take her outside. We had two sessions with Jarvis but saw huge improvement from the first session. Fast forward on to today and we have a dog who is brilliant on lead and we now look forward to our daily walks. We couldn't thank Jarvis enough! We have also used Jarvis's boarding services which we highly recommend!
Mand Badesha
Mand Badesha
We attended a 1 to 1 training session with Jarvis and it was one of the best decisions we'd made for our Lab, Charlie. We struggled with Charlie pulling on the lead and not being engaged with us whilst on walks. I was amazed at how quickly Jarvis was able to get Charlie walking nicely by her side. When it came to teaching us the correct techniques for handling Charlie, Jarvis was very patient and encouraging. Following the receipt of our training plan, I feel much more confident in myself and my ability to handle Charlie - thanks Jarvis!
Alan Brandish
Alan Brandish
We attended a one to one session for our very strong Labrador Lulu. My wife and I were both shocked to witness a complete change in demeanour in our dog going from very excitedly pulling us at full speed on the lead to calming walking by Jarvis' side as if she's done it all her life. Not only one of the best dog trainers in the country but also a professional and straightforward service. I was relieved to receive clear invoices, pay online and contact the receptionist whenever I needed to ask a question. Thanks again.
Anna Bagulay
Anna Bagulay
thank you so much for the VIP package online it’s been amazing and I wish I had found this content sooner. I have learnt so much and can see so much difference in the pups. Since signing up we have learnt how to exercise them better ( not just walks) which has changed there behaviour. They can now rest and chill with us instead of being active all the time. We can leave them safely at home on their own which also helped my marriage 😂😂 We were even able to take them successfully to the pub with us and they were the most well behaved dogs in there which is the boost I needed 🥰 thank you so much Jarvis forever grateful !

Issues covered:

Hyperactivity/Boisterousness (1-2 sessions)

Pulling on the lead (1-2 sessions)

Resource guarding (2-3 sessions)

Car sickness/anxiety (2-3 sessions)

OCD behaviours (2-3 sessions)

Jumping up (1-2 sessions)

Anxious/fearful behaviour (2-3 sessions)

Reactivity/Lunging/Barking (2-3 sessions)

Recall issues/running away (1-2 sessions)

High prey drive (1-2 sessions)

Selective hearing/lack of engagement (1-2 sessions)

Excessive barking (2-3 sessions)

Destruction of property (1-2 sessions)

Before & After Reactive German Shepherd Puppy

First Consultation £250 per dog

  • Session duration: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Maximum 2 handlers
  • Full analysis, dog psychology theory & practical work
  • Personalised training plan PDF
  • Includes 3 months VIP membership access (100s of video tutorials and daily access to your trainer in the Facebook community).

Follow Up Session £169

Book today:

Email sales.jarvisdogwhisperer@gmail.com

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