One to One Dog Training Southampton

Our one-to-one dog training sessions are designed to help you communicate effectively with your dog and drastically improve their behaviour typically within 1-2 sessions of contact time.

Each dog training session is 50% theory and 50% practical work. Firstly, we complete a comprehensive analysis of your dog’s entire routine, nutrition, training, walks and daily family life.

Secondly your trainer will shape a 100% tailored training plan for you and guide you through the practical work.

All dog behaviour is interconnected with both their breeding, typical home environment and handler’s mindset. We take care of both ends of the lead, shaping confident handlers and calm dogs for fast results.

Issues covered:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Lead pulling
  • Anxious or fearful behaviour
  • Reactivity
  • Recall
  • High prey drive
  • Selective hearing
  • Excessive barking
  • Destruction
  • Boisterousness
  • Rescue dogs
  • Digging
  • Running away
  • General obedience (sit, down, bed, stay, leave it, etc)

£169 per session

90% of dogs only require one or two sessions.

What’s Included

  • Session duration: 1 hour 25 Minutes
  • Full analysis, dog psychology theory & practical work
  • Includes personalised training plan PDF (post-session)
  • Email support post session

“Thank you for your unwavering positivity.” – Emily

“The care, training & attention that Jarvis offers is second to none.” – Serina

” Although we are experienced greyhound owners, we chose to use Jarvis’ help and support from the beginning and this has been invaluable: three months after we adopted him, he is unrecognisable and it is lovely seeing how much more relaxed he is.” – Caroline

“Great advice from this life-saver.” – Jade

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