Residential Board & Train Programmes

Welcome to our dog training hotel

Jarvis Dog Whisperer – Boarding and Training is the leading luxury board and train facility in Southampton. We provide one of the fastest, intensive dog training methods available in the UK with dogs learning on average 10-15 commands, good manners, routine and house training in as little as 10 days.

Who We Serve

Our clients are 100% dedicated dog parents who have both the time and the drive to continue our extraordinary results at home.

This is not “wave a magic wand” training. Owners are expected to dedicate time post-training to attend 1:1 support included in the programme and continue daily training at home to maintain the behaviours achieved.

Dogs are assessed on an individual basis for suitability.

How It Works

Vaccinated puppies board and train as part of our unique 24 Hour Cycle™ programme where they learn fantastic life skills through both one to one sessions with Head Trainer Jarvis and through absorbing calm energy and social skills from our balanced pack.

In the 10 day programme, owners are trained in handling, confidence and dog psychology to be the possible leaders for their best friends.

All owners are expected to attend private handover training sessions post-stay and commit to recommended training regimes to support the dog’s behaviour, stability and development.

Our boarding is hosted in Jarvis’ home which is a 5 star rated, licensed and insured dog hotel.

Training in a Loving, Licensed Home

3 Day Intensive Socialisation

Take advantage of the most crucial socialisation period for puppies. Get them used to the sights, sounds and smells of the world with confidence.

  • For fully vaccinated puppies 12-17 weeks old
  • Social skills with other dogs
  • Sensory play zone
  • Desensitisation to traffic and household sounds
  • House training
  • Off-switch training
  • Home boarding environment


10 Day Board and Train (Puppies under 6 months)

Obedience and socialisation skills with handover sessions included.

  • 10 days
  • Puppies aged 3-6 months
  • Basic commands (sit, down, wait, leave, bed)
  • Social skills with dogs
  • House training & crate training
  • Foundation loose-lead walking
  • Personalised training plan
  • 2 x 1-to-1 handover sessions
  • 3 months free online VIP access
  • Trial day included
  • Top up weeks available by request


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Meet Your Dog Whisperer

Jarvis is a future-thinker in the dog boarding and training industry. She has been training dogs for over 10 years all over the South of England.

In 2009 she began her career training Labradors and Spaniels to be reliable Gun dogs. Jarvis later moved into rehabilitating problematic behaviours in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds including her late Westie, Pablo (also known and “Doggy”).

Jarvis has experience in all areas of behaviour modification with a focus on dog-centred communication to develop confident handlers.


“From the moment that Jarvis entered, Monty was a different dog. We had struggled with him jumping up, walking on the lead and chasing birds for nearly 2 years. Jarvis taught us how to address all these behaviours and showed us how to get the best out of Monty. Not only did she train us as owners but now Monty is a different dog. Finally we can walk him off the lead; he is calmer in the house and listens to us so much more. We could not have done any of it without Jarvis’ approach and whispering skills. We now have the dog we always wanted and we can’t thank Jarvis enough for helping us to achieve this.”

Rebecca & Monty the Cocker Spaniel 2016

“Our dog Riley is generally an obedient boy, but when it came to walking on a lead it was a different matter. Instead of walking nicely to heel he acted like a Husky pulling a sled.
We’d tried all sorts of things to remedy it but hadn’t had much luck. Jarvis got a different result though and within a short time of meeting her, Riley was trotting along at her side, with his lead held loosely in her fingers. She definitely has some sort of telepathy with the dogs she whispers to, by watching, listening and understanding what they’re telling her.”

Mark, Jennifer & Riley the Collie cross 2014

“Jarvis has been helping us with our slightly unruly dog Ralph. With her help, we’ve learned how to read his behaviour and to modify our own to make dog walks a much more pleasurable experience… Our dogs are so much happier now we are more confident with our behaviour. Plus Ralphie loves her. Really loves her.”

George, Sarah & Ralphie 2017


5 star rated home boarding (fully insured and licensed)

Dog safe 4×4

Dog play room & training room

Personalised crates and toys

Secure garden and yard

Full hire of equipment

CCTV surveillance in operation

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Commitment to Training

As with any dog training programme, owners are expected to:

  • Accurately follow the personalised training plan provided for the dog
  • Continue the training methods taught in private one to one sessions
  • Take advantage of the online training course materials

We will do everything in our power to support you in your transition home, with access to our VIP online puppy training membership, a personalised training plan, one to one handover sessions and telephone support calls as and when you need them.

Entry requirements

✔️ Vaccinated dogs and puppies upwards of 12 weeks old

✔️ Dog-friendly (we cannot accept dogs with aggression at this time)

✔️ Able to attend a trial visit before attending their training retreat

✔️ A commitment to continuing training at home

Dog-Friendly Private Transportation

London Chauffeur Company

Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions apply. All dogs are considered on an individual basis for suitability. Dogs are unpredictable by nature. We cannot guarantee that your dog’s behaviour will improve, nor can we guarantee that your dog won’t revert back to old behaviours once they return home. ​The training Jarvis Dog Whisperer Boarding & Training puts in place is designed to be foundations to help you and your dog learn a new routine. We will not return a fully trained dog to you. You must be prepared to commit to continuing training that is put in place by Jarvis Dog Whisperer Boarding & Training at home. You can achieve this by attending the aftercare that is available to you. The training results achieved by each dog depend on the individual animal’s abilities and the time committed to by the owner.

Cancellation Policy

£500 non-refundable deposit secures your booking.

A cancellation fee will be incurred for late cancellations for training appointments.

  • Cancellation within 4 weeks of the booking – 50% of the fee.
  • Within 2 weeks of the booking – 75% of the fee.
  • Within 1 week of the booking – 100% of the fee.

Read our boarding terms here.

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