The Best Dog Christmas Gifts of 2020

Hello dog lovers – I can’t quite believe this is our very last blog for 2020. What a totally mind-blowing year it’s been. I know you will be as confuddled and bemused as I am to say the least. In the spirit of curve-balls and the totally unpredictable, I have completed a quite frankly delightful (if not completely eccentric) list of incredible dog gifts and products that are on the market this December.

I hope you love them as much as I do. So, what’s up first on my Christmas list this year?

Would it be Christmas without Tweed?!

Obviously not. Tweed is a staple in my wardrobe as much as it is my dogs’ – especially anything herringbone. This charming, matching collar lead combo is a British-made collar with the wow-factor. Any dog would certainly be strutting their stuff with this on come new year celebrations! (You know you want to see Auntie Maureen squirm because the dog was so spoiled yet again, don’t hide it).

British Made Traditional Tweed Dog Collar

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Nutritious and Delicious!

Air-dried chicken feet – delicious, nutritious and perfect to keep those gnashers sparkling and clean. They’re a high protein, low fat treat and ideal for more sensitive tums.

An 11ft Teddy Bear

Go all out with this insanely big teddy that has taken the internet by storm. Enough said.

Costco bear - Wikipedia

The CUTEST Christmas Jumpers Around

Winter Dog & Cat Jumper - Canine & Co

Christmas Dog & Cat Pet Jumpers - Canine & Co

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Political Rag Doll ?

It’s been quite a year already, why not let your best friend take out their frustrations on this chap.

Party Hamper with Dog Beer!

Growing a beard? Love a lumberjack shirt? Are craft beers where you’re at right now? Make the most of your unique image and get your dog involved too with this completely legit dog beer hamper. It’s dog mad but that’s why we love it.

Obviously there’s a pandemic on…

If you’re anything like us and you love a practical present, this is ideal for the dog lover in your life who can’t manage a single walk without a stranger coming over to pet them. Stay safe folks!

Aqueos Pet Friendly Disinfectant & Deodoriser

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Pawsecco (Honestly who thinks of these puns??)

Let your dog join in your unlimited prosecco brunch with this absolutely adorable dog-safe alcohol free Pawsecco. Christmas morning will be sorted!

Stay Dry (and Adorable)

If you’re anything like us, this winter will have reminded you of how much your dog loves mud and how few towels you seem to have at critical moments in your day! Well, never fear! This purpose-made towelled dressing gown will see to their muddy shakes and splatters in an instant. Perfect for the car after a long walk at the beach or forest.

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Little Dog Castle

Okay okay, so this one is only for little dogs but just look at it! A private abode for your little friend. We simply love this slice of dog paradise. Come on dog-dads, you know you want to crack out the tools and build this dog-friendly empire.

Indoor TeePee

Who said beds had to be boring? This adorable TeePee is a stylish, den-like, safe haven for your best friend.

Heavy Duty Harness for a Heavy Duty Adventures!

This harness is a 2 in 1! It acts as a secure harness for walks as well as a fully reinforced dog seat belt. The chest padding is just what you need to keep your best friend safe in the event of an accident. It’s the sturdiest harness we have ever seen – not to mention how fancy it looks on. Ideal for the heavy duty explorer!

Ezy-Dog Travel Car Safety Harness

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The Best Toy of 2020

This is a real engry burner and so much fun for your toy-crazed dog. It actually giggles – a sterling way to keep your pup happy while you prepare a turkey dinner.

The Best Dog Christmas Gifts of 2020
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