Why Spring is the best time to get a dog


Hello dog lovers! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog. This month we are talking about why Spring is the best time of the year to get a dog. Perhaps you are thinking about getting a dog as you read this? I’d love to know if you are.

I always thought breeders aimed for litters in spring and summer. It never occurred to me before that other people get dogs and puppies in Winter. With the massive hike in puppy adoption throughout the pandemic, I realised I had owners coming to me who had battled grizzly Winter months with an 8 week old puppy in tow – I’ll be honest with you I don’t know how they did it.

It’s not that I have a personal vendetta against November – February, but as someone who works outside a lot, I am rather fond of the finer months; and March – June is a mighty fine time to be working outdoors. Our dogs keep us active, so being outside is second nature!

I see huge advantages to Spring. So, dear reader, if you’re siting comfortably, I’ll begin.

Daylight savings time

The clocks changing can be a glorious thing and in Spring, lighter mornings make it easier to rise with the lark. Your puppy will likely wake you to go outside for a few months, and I find it’s always much nicer to be in day light and see what they’re up to. Light mornings also make for lighter evenings. In winter the short days can force owners out for walks in the dark – this is quite a lot for puppies to acclimatize to. I have always found it easier to transition them as “teens” through October into night time walks.


It will be much warmer in Spring than in Winter, that’s a given. But why is it so important?

Puppies are equally sensitive to very high and very low temperatures. Icy spells and snow can affect them more severely than an adult dog. You may notice them shake – in which case I’d recommend a little jumper or fleece. Heat is just as tough, with Summer heatwaves being common in the United Kingdom. Very young puppies are more susceptible to heatstroke than fit, healthy adult dogs. Spring is perfect – 15-20 degrees and lots of vitamin D from Mr Sun who will most likely have his hat on.

Mood booster

Getting a puppy is so exciting but that excitement can wear off with a few sleepless nights!

Good weather, sunshine and warmer weather is proven to lift mood. People often experience low mood, depression and anxiety in Winter months, particularly due to the lack of sunlight. Raising a puppy is hard work, but it can feel like a real struggle if you’re feeling sad in tandem with the massive responsibility a dog brings to the table.

Spring lifts people’s mood and allows for a lighter frame of mind when the going gets rough. Feeling happy greatly benefits our puppies too! They feel safe around confident, carefree people.

Good weather = good training sessions

I love most types of weather and seasonal change but it has to be said, when It is 16 degrees and sunny I am in my element. Perhaps you’re the same. Rain, snow and falling leaves are all lovely in their own way but when you have to let a puppy out at dawn, go for training classes or socisalise with others it is always that much nicer when you’re not battling against horizontal wind and rain in your biggest overcoat.

Puppies often do not want to go out for a wee in the middle of freezing winter conditions which can scupper house training and walking progress. I don’t blame them – bitter cold is terribly distracting. Another reason why Spring is the best time to get a dog.

Buy yourself time

There are lots of experiences puppies can benefit from by being trained and raised in Spring and summer. One of these is firework training. If you’re a member of my VIP Puppy Training Membership you will know how many sound effects and instructions are available to help train your puppy to relax around fireworks, emergency service vehicles and pub noise before having to face the real thing.

Winter puppies have a very short spell in which to fit this training in before Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and so on. Sometimes things like fireworks or large crowds of people can catch us (and our dogs) by surprise! For some dogs these scares can cause life long damage, phobias or anxiety.

Good news – training can prevent this outcome! Springtime lowers the risk of things that go bump in the night and allows dogs to mature and learn at a more gradual pace with controlled, safe environments.

Spring Cleaning

Another advantage to Spring is that it’s perfect weather for drying laundry. Who doesn’t love that fantastic feeling of clothes fresh off the line? Your new dog or puppy will likely have accidents, perhaps experience illness or similar. They will need beds and blankets washed repeatedly in the first few months. With all that washing it’s good to have Spring weather on your side for drying extra loads outside. If not, I’d highly recommend a tumble dryer to lift your workload. Always check the label on your dog’s bed before washing and drying.

I hope you enjoyed these tips dearest dog lovers! If you’d like to meet Dwight, (our new Border Collie puppy) head over to our social media pages via the links below! You can see videos and posts about how we are training him to be the perfect family dog.


Why Spring is the best time to get a dog
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